MC208100 – (Updated) Feature Updates: Outlook mobile updates the Search experience (archived)

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Updated June 25, 2020: To ensure the best possible experience for our users, we are delaying some of our deployments to reduce the amount of change flowing into the services. Please see the updates below Microsoft is rolling out a number of updates to the search experience in Outlook for iOS and Android. These changes provide helpful ways to find email, people, events, and files faster and easier with more relevant results. The updates are related to these Microsoft 365 Roadmap IDs: Actionable calendar search answers in iOS 55044 and Android 60856 Roll-out pending Meeting Insights in Outlook for iOS Search home page in iOS 61149 Roll-out complete Natural language search iOS 56821 and Android 56822 Roll-out in progress Search deleted folders in Android 58990 Roll-out complete Speller in iOS 56819 and Android 59023 Roll-out in progress Suggested contacts and actionable search answers in iOS 53714 (Roll-out pending) and Android 53122 Roll-out in progress Tabbed results in iOS 53118 Roll-out in progress Tasks from To Do in Search 58137 Roll-out complete Top results in iOS 53120 and Android 53299 Roll-out in progress These changes will gradually roll out over the coming weeks and will take several weeks to reach all intended audiences.

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