MC207933 – Full screen experience in Microsoft Endpoint Manager/Intune (archived)

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We announced in MC180431 in May 2019 and MC199921 in January 2020 that we were rolling out new create and edit UI experiences to Intune. The new experience simplifies the existing workflows by using a wizard style format condensed within one blade. This update will do away with ?blade sprawl? or any create and edit flows that require you to drill down into deep blade journeys. How does this affect me? The full screen experience will continue to be rolled out to Intune both in the Microsoft Endpoint Manager admin center and the Intune on Azure portal, in the next few days. This update to the UI will not impact functionality of your existing policies and profiles, but you will see a slightly modified workflow. When you create new policies, for example, you will be able to set some assignments as part of this flow instead of doing so after creating the policy. You may find that some settings and options have been renamed but this does not impact functionality. See the blog post at Additional information for screenshots of what the new experience will look like in the console. What can I do to prepare for this change? You do not need to take any action but can consider updating your IT pro guidance if necessary. We?ll update our documentation as this experience rolls out to various blades in the console.

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