MC199457 – Files not encrypted by Yammer Android (archived)

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check before: 2020-01-13


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This notification is to inform you that we recently investigated and corrected an issue within the Yammer service that was causing files downloaded via the Yammer Android app to not be encrypted when the policy was enabled within Intune. This encryption issue was introduced during Yammer's adoption of Intune's Mobile Application Management (MAM) policies. This issue only occurs when your tenant admins enable these policies for your users. "Allow Save As" "Encryption" While the files weren't encrypted, they remained within external storage on the Android device. We've taken corrective actions and released an update to the Yammer Android app via the Google Play Store,> Please take actions to update the Yammer Android app to properly encrypt downloaded files. We're providing this notice as the Yammer Android app did not honor your tenant's encryption policy in regards to Android file downloads via the Yammer app. As a result, any files downloaded prior to the recent 5.6.27 update will not be encrypted. If your organization requires this policy, we recommend all of your end users update their Yammer Android app to resolve this issue for future file downloads. In order for users to encrypt their previously downloaded files, they'll need to update their Yammer Android app and remove the old downloaded files and download again using the Yammer Android app to ensure that they're encrypted. You can configure your MAM policy to include conditional access in regards to the Yammer Android app build number. This will ensure that the app is properly updated prior to further usage. Please reference this link for further assistance:>

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