MC799277 – Microsoft 365 apps: Set expiration available for all links when sharing Icon

check before: 2024-06-21


Microsoft 365 Apps, Microsoft 365 for the web


Android, iOS, Mac, US Instances, Web, World tenant


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Feature update, User impact



Microsoft 365 apps will soon allow setting expiration dates for all shared links. This feature will be available for links shared with anyone, people in your organization, or selected individuals. The rollout will start in late June 2024 and finish by mid-July 2024, requiring no admin action.

Coming soon: When you share a link in Microsoft 365, Set expiration date will let users set a date for a link to expire. After a user sets a date and the link expires, the link won't work, and the user will need to make a new link or reshare with people so they can continue to access the file. Before the rollout, users can only set the expiration for links for Anyone. With this rollout, users can also set an expiration on for links for People in your organization and People you choose. This message applies to Microsoft 365 apps for the web, for desktop on Windows or Mac, and for mobile on Android or iOS.
[When this will happen:]
Targeted Release: We will begin rolling out late June 2024 and expect to complete by early July 2024.
General Availability (Worldwide, GCC, GCC High, and DoD): We will begin rolling out early July 2024 and expect to complete by mid-July 2024.

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