MC538746 – Microsoft Teams: New Layouts Available in the View Only Experience (archived)

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Currently, the layouts available for attendees who join using the view-only experience (which is available to attendees who join after the meeting capacity has been reached) in Microsoft Teams are limited to a single screen that only shows the content shared or a single video showing the active speaker if no content is shared. This same layout limitation exists when you utilize the Custom Streaming app or the Workplace Live app in Teams to broadcast your meeting.
With this change, we will be updating the layouts that an attendee in the view-only experience would see and the layouts that are produced by the Customer Streaming app or the Workplace Live app. We will be supporting the following new layouts:

Up to 9 videos on stage at one time in a 3x3 fashion (with no content being shared)
Side-by-side layout when the content is shared (up to 7 videos will be shown at a time with content)
[When this will happen:]

We will begin rolling out in late April and expect to complete rollout by early May.

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