MC538688 – Power Platform admin center – Automatic deletion of inactive developer environments (archived)

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check before: 2023-04-21


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Microsoft Power Platform is introducing a cleanup mechanism that will automatically remove inactive developer environments from your tenant (inclusive of all entry points, including the Power Apps Maker Portal and Power Platform admin center). This change will begin rolling out in mid-April 2023 by region and will be available worldwide by the end of May 2023.

With this change, developer environments will be first disabled after 90 days of inactivity. Once the environment has been disabled for 30 days, the environment will be deleted if no action is taken by administrators.

How do I prepare for this change?
To prepare for this change, please review your developer environments and confirm whether they will be affected by this change by accessing the Power Platform admin center and reviewing the date in the last activity column. For more information on what is considered inactive, visit definition of inactivity.

To learn about the automatic cleanup process and how to recover your environment, review the following Power Platform documentation. If you require further assistance, please contact Microsoft Support.

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