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We are excited to announce that Customer Lockbox for Power Platform and Dynamics 365 is now generally available (GA) in public clouds. Customer Lockbox provides a set of capabilities to help you govern Microsoft access to your data.

When will this happen?
The progressive rollout of the GA enhancements started this week and will be complete by January 20, 2023. Depending on the home region of your tenant, you can use the newly announced capabilities starting right away!

How will this affect your organization?
With Customer Lockbox, we are providing an interface for the administrators to review and approve (or reject) data access requests from Microsoft when data access is needed. This will be used in cases where we need to access your data to investigate and resolve a customer-initiated support ticket or when an issue is identified by our telemetry.

Once configured, the Lockbox policy will be enforced only on environments that are activated for Managed Environments. Learn more about Managed Environments here.

Access to Customer Lockbox for Microsoft Power Platform and Dynamics 365 requires users in the environments where the Lockbox policy is enforced to have an E5 or equivalent subscription. Go here to learn more about applicable licenses.

Where can I learn more?
Review the product documentation to find more details about what Power Platform and Dynamics 365 products are supported for Customer Lockbox at this time, how can you easily configure the lockbox policy for your assets, and how you can manage access to your data.

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