MC236026 – Changes to private Content Delivery Networks (CDN)

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A content delivery network is a temporary cache storage location designed to optimizethe user experience by providing static files like images, JavaScript, stylesheets, and font files directly from cache locations closest to the user. In SharePoint Online there are two primary CDNs that are available to handle your static files. One CDN is public and manages JavaScript, stylesheets, and font files. The other CDN is private and is designed to manage images. The public CDN will remain unchanged at this time and should be enabled to handle your JavaScript, stylesheets, and font files, subject to approval by your compliance, security, and privacy teams. The current private CDN is moving from being hosted by our 3rd party provider Akamai, to Microsoft Azure. Microsoft Azure CDN is a core service for SharePoint. Microsoft Azure CDN complies with all Microsoft data handling and temporary cache storage standards and as such will be a default feature enabled for all customers.

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