MC226962 – Information about moving your core customer data to the Germany datacenter geo?

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We expanded Microsoft 365 to include a new datacenter geo in Germany. If you are interested in migration for your entire organization?s core customer data at rest, then opt-in before May 1, 2021. Microsoft will complete migration of your core customer data at rest to the Germany datacenter geo by May 1, 2023 at no cost to you. Core customer data is a term that refers to a subset of customer data including:? Exchange Online mailbox content (email body, calendar entries, and the content of email attachments) SharePoint Online site content and the files stored within that site Files uploaded to OneDrive for Business Teams chat messages, including private messages, channel messages, and images used in chats. If you take no action before May 1, 2021 then your core customer data at rest will remain as configured today.

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