93235 – Microsoft Stream: Add or edit multiple captions and transcripts for a video in SharePoint, OneDrive, or Stream (on SharePoint)

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check before: 2022-10-01


OneDrive, SharePoint, Stream, Teams


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You can upload, download, delete, and replace multiple WebVTT caption files (Web Video Text Tracks) for a single video in Stream (on SharePoint) or for a video stored in SharePoint or OneDrive for business. Multiple WebVTT caption files for one video means you can upload captions and transcripts for different languages or dialects. All uploaded VTT files will be displayed as both captions inside the video player and as transcripts in the pane next to the video. With this feature you'll be able to add translated captions and transcripts to videos by downloading the WebVTT file generated by Stream or Teams live transcript, editing/translating it on your own in a text or VTT editor, and then uploading it. You will then have one video that gives users the option to view captions and transcripts in multiple languages.

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