66467 – Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection: Improvements to Threat Hunting with Threat Explorer and Real Time Detections

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Advanced Threat Protection - Office 365, Exchange


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As part of this work, we will be introducing additional enhancements when it comes to identifying threats within your organization. This includes the following updates: Addition of spam verdict within Threat Explorer, so that going forward you will be able to identify if a particular email was Malware, Phish or Spam. Showing Threats in URLs to identify the verdict associated with a URL (Malware, Phish, Spam or None). Introducing Additional Actions to identify the post-delivery actions like ZAP or Manual Remediation which were applied to an email. Updating delivery location to show both Original and the latest delivery location for an email. Updating Email Timeline to make it simpler, and showing more details when it comes to showing information about post-delivery events like ZAP. Enabling information about Tenant/User level Overrides applied on an email which may have impacted delivery location.

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