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The Outlook for Windows Message Recall feature is extremely popular with users, yet it doesn't always work so well. Part of the problem is that the recall is client-based, and the recall can only happen if the recipient also uses Outlook. With millions of users with mailboxes in Office 365, we're now able to improve upon that feature by performing the recall directly in the cloud in Office 365 mailboxes, so it doesn't matter which email client the recipient uses, the recall takes place in their Office 365 mailbox, and when their client syncs their mail, the message is gone. While there are still some conditions where the recall still won't happen (like the message being read by the recipient), moving the recall to the cloud significantly improves the recall success rate. Additionally, we'll now also offer an aggregate message recall status report, to make it simpler to see for whom the recall succeeded and for whom it failed.

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