57314 – SharePoint admin – Improved edit panel to manage site settings

Information Protection

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Information Protection - Office 365, OneDrive for Business, SharePoint


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We are releasing a new panel experience which will make it easier to view and manage more site properties, like how you would edit from within the site itself ? through an edit pane that overlays the page you are working from. Select a site you wish to manage, and in the edit pane you will see several panels. The General panel displays a lot of the main site characteristics ? and this is where you can rename the site name and URL. The Activity panel showcases site usage for file and people insights. The Permissions panel enables management of site admins, owners, members and visitors. The Policies panel provides visibility and access to manage site policies like external sharing, sensitivity labels and more. And finally, the Hub panel lets you know if the site is a hub site or associated to one.

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