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Information Protection

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Information Protection - Azure (AIP)


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To better protect your data, the first step in the journey is for you to get a holistic understanding of the sensitive data in your digital estate and related user activities. The data classification capabilities in Microsoft 365 compliance center enable you to do that and take the next step towards establishing appropriate policies to better protect your sensitive data (e.g., by applying sensitivity labels and policies). Overview tab which shows you at a glance the locations of your digital content and most common sensitive information types and labels present. Importantly you don?t need to establish any policy to understand these details. Content Explorer tab provides you a richer understanding of your data at risk and visibility into amount and types of sensitive data in a document, including an integrated viewer displaying the full content in documents or emails. You can also filter by label or sensitive type to get a detailed view of locations where the sensitive data is stored. Activity Explorer tab provides a better understanding of activities related to your sensitive data and labels, such as label downgrades or external sharing that could expose your content to risk. It helps you investigate events that could be leading towards data leak scenarios (e.g., bulk label downgrades before sharing externally). Understanding these activities gives you the ability to identify the right policies for protection or data loss prevention (DLP) to ensure that your most sensitive data is secure.

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