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The task publishing experience in Microsoft Teams is a feature for frontline organizations that have employees distributed across many geographically dispersed locations. The task publishing feature allows an organization to centrally define a set of work, choose the set of frontline locations that should complete that work, create the appropriate tasks for each frontline location, and monitor how that work is going. One of the top feature requests for task publishing has been the ability to create a set of tasks once and set them to automatically repeat at a scheduled cadence. Common examples are daily opening and closing tasks or weekly/monthly site inspections and compliance walks. When this feature is available, you'll be able to set recurrence on a draft task list, which will allow you to choose the cadence (such as every month on the 15th of the month). You can then publish the list and task publishing will take care of scheduling the publication so that the list publishes automatically at that cadence going forward. We know from a wide range of customer conversations that this will be a big time saver for distributing recurring tasks across frontline organizations.

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