2024 CW 25 Microsoft 365 Message Center changes

from 06/17/2024 to 06/23/2024

20 Office 365 Message Center Items were changed and 24 Office 365 Message Center Items were added

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MC End Time changes

MC IDMC TitleOld ValueNew ValueMC Action required by
MC674247(Updated) Microsoft Intune ending support for Android device administrator on devices with GMS access in August 202408/31/2024 09:00:002025-02-03T08:00:00ZN/A
MC711018(Updated) Microsoft Exchange Online: Support for inbound SMTP DANE with DNSSEC09/06/2024 09:00:002024-11-04T08:00:00ZN/A
MC729718(Updated) Microsoft OneDrive for the web: Create with templates08/05/2024 09:00:002024-06-28T09:00:00ZN/A
MC729720(Updated) SharePoint eSignature: Creators and recipients can view, track, and sign requests in Approvals app in Teams07/26/2024 09:00:002024-08-26T09:00:00ZN/A
MC740508(Updated) Microsoft Viva Learning: Disable LinkedIn Learning premium content07/15/2024 09:00:002024-07-29T09:00:00ZN/A
MC752513(Updated) SharePoint Online: New heading level options for web parts07/01/2024 09:00:002024-08-05T09:00:00ZN/A
MC752513(Updated) SharePoint Online: New heading level options for web parts08/05/2024 09:00:002024-10-07T09:00:00ZN/A
MC779536Power Platform - Public Preview of solution-aware cloud flow sharing limits in Managed Environments06/30/2024 19:54:002024-07-19T19:54:00ZN/A
MC795337Microsoft 365 Power Apps - Canvas App default tenant settings changing06/23/2024 23:35:292024-07-19T23:35:00ZN/A
MC799635(Updated) Microsoft Outlook: Add shared folders to Favorites10/25/2024 09:00:002025-01-13T08:00:00ZN/A

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