2022 CW 46 Microsoft 365 Roadmap changes

from 11/07/2022 to 11/13/2022

38 Microsoft 365 Roadmap Items were changed and 25 Microsoft 365 Roadmap Items were added


Changed Property: RM Cloud Instance Tags

RM IDRM TitleOld ValueNew Valuecheck before
100714OneDrive: Sharing Experiences - Sensitivity Labels in the sharing dialogWorldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant)GCC, GCC High, DoD, Worldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant)01/11/2022
101515Outlook: Outlook on the web: Junk/Phishing reporting actions integrated with Microsoft Defender for Office 365Worldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant)DoD, Worldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant), GCC, GCC High01/11/2022

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