2022 CW 37 Microsoft 365 Roadmap changes

from 09/05/2022 to 09/11/2022

55 Microsoft 365 Roadmap Items were changed and 18 Microsoft 365 Roadmap Items were added


Changed Property: RM Cloud Instance Tags

RM IDRM TitleOld ValueNew Valuecheck before
95051Microsoft Teams: Group chat invitations from unmanaged usersWorldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant), GCC, DoD, GCC HighWorldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant)01/10/2022
97510Microsoft Teams: Viewing the Full Chat conversation thread after clicking on search message resultsWorldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant), GCCGCC, Worldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant), DoD, GCC High01/10/2022
98105Microsoft Project: Sprints and backlogs in Project for the WebGCC, Worldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant), GCC High, DoDGCC, Worldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant)01/09/2022
98431Microsoft Teams: Music on hold for call transferGCC, DoD, Worldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant), GCC HighWorldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant), GCC01/09/2022

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