2021 CW 14 Microsoft 365 Message Center changes

from 03/29/2021 to 04/04/2021

21 Office 365 Message Center Items were changed and 24 Office 365 Message Center Items were added

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MC End Time changes

MC IDMC TitleOld ValueNew ValueMC Action required by
MC233466(Updated) New Teams meeting lobby setting - only invited users join directly2021-05-21T07;00;00Z2021-06-18T07;00;00ZN/A
MC242577(Updated) New design for Yammer Discovery and Digest emails2021-06-03T07;00;00Z2021-07-09T07;00;00ZN/A
MC242588(Updated) Advanced eDiscovery: UX changes to review sets for cases2021-05-31T07;00;00Z2021-06-30T07;00;00ZN/A
MC245302(Updated) PowerPoint Live in Teams: Slide Translation2021-05-31T07;00;00Z2021-06-30T07;00;00ZN/A
MC226990(Updated) Improving the Message center user experience2021-03-31T08;00;00Z2021-04-30T08;00;00ZN/A
MC237807(Updated) Introducing a registration page for Microsoft Teams meetings2021-06-18T07;00;00Z2021-04-07T07;00;00ZN/A
MC224047(Updated) Free for one year: users can join Team meetings via call-in number2021-04-30T16;09;00Z2021-07-30T16;09;00ZN/A
MC231140(Updated) New meeting options for managing large Teams meetings in Outlook for Windows2021-05-31T08;00;00Z2021-06-30T08;00;00ZN/A

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