2021 CW 12 Microsoft 365 Message Center changes

from 03/15/2021 to 03/21/2021

282 Office 365 Message Center Items were changed and 26 Office 365 Message Center Items were added

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MC Category changes

MC IDMC TitleOld ValueNew ValueMC Action required by
MC202831(Updated) New Feature: Advanced eDiscovery tenant reports in previewStay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC208814Basic Authentication and Exchange Online ? April 2020 UpdatePlan For ChangePlan For ChangeN/A
MC210572New Feature: SharePoint stock imagesStay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC217815Public preview: modern authentication unattended scripting option for Exchange Online PowerShell V2Stay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC218794TLS 1.0 and 1.1 retirement date in Office 365 to be October 15, 2020Plan For ChangePlan For Change10/15/2020
MC219211Upgrade your applications to use Microsoft GraphPlan For ChangePlan For Change06/30/2022
MC219493Upgrade your applications to use Microsoft Authentication LibraryPlan For ChangePlan For ChangeN/A
MC219641Service reminder: Skype for Business Online is retiring in 12 monthsPlan For ChangePlan For ChangeN/A
MC220415(Updated) Admin setting for PSTN participant phone number masking in Teams meetingsStay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC220490Announcements for Microsoft Edge Legacy and for using Microsoft 365 apps and services on Internet Explorer 11Plan For ChangePlan For ChangeN/A
MC220791(Updated) New Feature: Manage how long guests can access SharePoint Online and OneDrive documentsStay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC220987(Updated) Introducing live transcription in Microsoft Teams meetingsStay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC221432(Updated) Teams meeting participant report updatesPlan For ChangePlan For ChangeN/A
MC222132(Updated) Retirement of IDCRL based sign-in in Office Win32 clientsPlan For ChangePlan For ChangeN/A
MC222156(Updated) Introducing macOS native notifications in TeamsStay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC222216(Updated) Deployment schedule available for Microsoft Power Platform 2020 Release Wave 2Stay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC222640(Updated) Microsoft Teams: meeting recordings saved to OneDrive and SharePointPlan For ChangePlan For ChangeN/A
MC222869Microsoft 365 admin center Network connectivity previewStay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC223019Hide notification previews on Microsoft Teams mobile apps to protect sensitive dataStay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC223191SharePoint modern pages make adding text easier (Targeted release)Stay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC223358Microsoft Threat Protection and Advanced Threat Protection product name changesStay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC223444(Updated) Introducing Designer in WordStay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC223753(Updated) My Apps ends support for Internet ExplorerPlan For ChangePlan For ChangeN/A
MC223795(Updated) We're improving Microsoft Search with personal query historyStay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC223900(Updated) PowerPoint for Mac record slide show updatesStay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC224047Free for one year: users can join Team meetings via call-in numberStay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC224405(Updated) Cortana Briefing Email support for SpanishStay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC224422(Updated) Windows 10 native notifications in TeamsStay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC224713(Updated) Increasing team membership to 25,000 members per teamStay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC224732(Updated) Microsoft Teams: Increasing the org-wide team limit from 5,000 to 10,000Stay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC225329(Updated) Theme and Fluent icon updates in Teams on the web, Windows and MacStay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC225570Reminder: Microsoft Teams web app to no longer support IE 11 after November 30, 2020Plan For ChangePlan For Change11/30/2020
MC225591Intune certificate updates: Action may be required for continued connectivityPrevent or Fix IssuesPrevent or Fix Issues12/31/2020
MC225752(Updated) Extending the temporary limit increase for live eventsStay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC226028(Updated) OneDrive: Bookmark for OneDrive for iOSStay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC226053Yammer embed widgets will be upgraded to the new YammerPlan For ChangePlan For ChangeN/A
MC226407(Updated) Updates to meeting chat membershipPlan For ChangePlan For ChangeN/A
MC226629Removing Chromium-based MDM config policies (Intune and other MDM providers) from Edge for AndroidStay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC226678Microsoft Graph connectors general availability updatePlan For ChangePlan For ChangeN/A
MC226683(Updated) Secure by Default - Honoring EOP/ATP detonation verdictsPlan For ChangePlan For ChangeN/A
MC226884Azure SSL/TLS Certificate ChangesPrevent or Fix IssuesPrevent or Fix IssuesN/A
MC226962Information about moving your core customer data to the Germany datacenter geo?Stay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC226990(Updated) Improving the Message center user experienceStay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC227295(Updated) Introducing At a glance summaries in sharing e-mails for Word documentsStay InformedStay Informed01/02/2021
MC227303(Updated) Introducing intelligent file recommendations for PlannerStay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC227312(Updated) Add Microsoft Teams to your SharePoint team siteStay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC227447(Updated) List rules make it easy to set up notifications of changesStay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC227458(Updated) Enabling page rotation for iOS to view OneDrive PDF filesStay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC227532(Updated) Introducing SharePoint Portal Launch SchedulerStay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC227644(Updated) Announcing general availability of mandatory labeling policy in Office appsStay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC227859Rollout continues for structural navigation caching for optimized page performanceStay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC228362(Updated) Microsoft Teams: use an iPad to present in a live eventStay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC228368(Updated) Microsoft Teams: Profile menu update, relocating profile menu links to a new menu in the title barPlan For ChangePlan For ChangeN/A
MC228391(Updated) Send SharePoint pages to YammerStay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC228641Retiring Visio Web Access from SharePoint OnlinePlan For ChangePlan For ChangeN/A
MC228668Azure Active Directory Application Proxy header-based authentication (in preview)Stay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC228897(Updated) Text formatting (bold, italic, underline) available in Microsoft FormsStay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC229058Planner tasks storage location updateStay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC229143Update to Microsoft 365 and Outlook for Windows connectivityPlan For ChangePlan For Change11/01/2021
MC229331(Updated) Presenter View in Teams Presentation SharingStay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC229381(Updated) Introducing text predictions in Outlook for WindowsStay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC229558(Updated) Introducing text predictions in Outlook for iOSStay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC229643Reminder: Microsoft Edge Legacy support to end on March 9, 2021Plan For ChangePlan For ChangeN/A
MC229914Final Notice for disabling of TLS1.0 and TLS 1.1 Support for Exchange Online Mail FlowPlan For ChangePlan For ChangeN/A
MC229944We're introducing recommended bookmarks for Microsoft Search AnswersStay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC229945(Updated) Introducing an enhanced Teams Calling experienceStay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC230065(Updated) Skype for Business Online Connector retirementPlan For ChangePlan For Change02/15/2021
MC230158(Updated) Deploy Project to multiple environmentsStay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC230505(Updated) Block Download Permissions for Teams Meeting Recordings on OneDrivePlan For ChangePlan For ChangeN/A
MC230532We?re making changes to search in SharePoint OnlinePlan For ChangePlan For ChangeN/A
MC230569Collect and review encrypted content with Advanced eDiscoveryStay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC230680(Updated) Meeting Reactions in Teams MeetingsStay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC230714SharePoint: Audience Targeting capability for Quick Links Web Part rolling outStay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC230715(Updated) Known issue: Certain notification settings may not take effectStay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC230753(Updated) Updates to Microsoft Forms phishing activity notificationsStay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC231108(Updated) Add a shared calendar to a Teams channelStay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC231134New Microsoft 365 Communication Compliance conflict of interest templateStay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC231140(Updated) New meeting options for managing large Teams meetings in Outlook for WindowsStay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC231194(Updated) Outlook on the web: Extension of suggested replies worldwideStay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC231204Antimalware Scan Interface (AMSI) to include runtime inspection of Excel 4.0 macros (XLM)Stay InformedStay Informed01/31/2021
MC232035Teams auto attendant Island mode transfer behavior changeStay InformedStay Informed02/01/2021
MC232126(Updated) SharePoint page authoring - new first run experienceStay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC232965(Updated) Microsoft Teams: Touch Bar Meetings Controls for MacStay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC233430(Updated) Suggested communities on home page, new community creation, and improved pinned conversation treatmentStay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC233463(Updated) Start Meet Now from Outlook desktop client (Windows)Stay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC233466(Updated) New Teams meeting lobby setting - only invited users join directlyStay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC233470(Updated) Microsoft Teams introduces meeting recap in the calendar event details tabStay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC233488(Updated) Microsoft Information Protection: Updated data classification confidence levels and customizationStay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC233843Microsoft Search in classic SharePoint sitesStay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC233962Microsoft Teams: User feedback improvementsStay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC234048Microsoft Teams connector apps webhook URL security improvementStay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC234129(Updated) Outlook on the web - Message remindersStay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC234245Introducing history menu in Microsoft TeamsStay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC234256(Updated) Change in display of hierarchical sensitivity labelsStay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC234381(Updated) New usage report for Microsoft Teams in Microsoft 365 admin centerStay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC234414Microsoft Lists and SharePoint Lists: column settings in Grid viewStay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC234416Microsoft Lists and SharePoint Lists: Support for thousands separator in Number columnStay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC234475Announcing Teams location picker support for security groups and distribution listsStay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC234534Plan for Change: Intune moving to support Android 6.x and higher in AprilStay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC234569Word Online: We?re replacing Follow-ups with TasksPlan For ChangePlan For ChangeN/A
MC234570Ensure recent Microsoft Defender for Endpoint client version on your Mac/Linux/Android/iOS devices by Feb 05, 2021Prevent or Fix IssuesPrevent or Fix IssuesN/A
MC234658New in communication compliance: translate content during investigationStay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC234989(Updated) Microsoft 365 Admin app adds license managementStay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC235111(Updated) Microsoft Teams Revised In-meeting Share ExperienceStay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC235123Prevent/Fix: eDiscovery Compliance Security FiltersPrevent or Fix IssuesPrevent or Fix IssuesN/A
MC235176(Updated) Microsoft Information Protection: Announcing general availability of auditing for Office appsStay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC235178(Updated) Microsoft Information Protection: Announcing general availability of auditing for Office appsStay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC235180(Updated) Teams desktop app for Mac: Include computer sound in a meetingStay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC235242(Updated) We have renamed 10 Azure Active Directory rolesPlan For ChangePlan For ChangeN/A
MC235256Update to ActionTypes and Columns in the advanced hunting DeviceEvents, DeviceInfo tablesStay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC235267Service reminder - Intune certificate updates: Action may be required for continued connectivityPrevent or Fix IssuesPrevent or Fix IssuesN/A
MC235288(Updated) SharePoint spaces to be available by default in New menuStay InformedStay Informed03/01/2021
MC235369Microsoft Teams will queue sent messages when offlineStay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC235392Updates coming to SharePoint Site usage reportStay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC235453Intune Plan for Change: Microsoft 365 apps version 16.44 and higher to install on macOS 10.14 and higherStay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC235478Updates to Yammer User ManagementPlan For ChangePlan For ChangeN/A
MC235500Outlook on the web - New search in compose modeStay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC235978(Updated) Limiting the maximum supported value for StartRow to 50,000Stay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC236007Change to required permissions for the Desktop Analytics Administrator role (Intune)Plan For ChangePlan For ChangeN/A
MC236019(Updated) Update in ink toolbox for iOS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint clientsStay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC236025(Updated) Transition from the Sent and received email report to the Mailflow status summary.Plan For ChangePlan For ChangeN/A
MC236026Changes to private Content Delivery Networks (CDN)Plan For ChangePlan For ChangeN/A
MC236038(Updated) Microsoft Defender for Office 365: Email entity page public previewStay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC236114(Updated) SharePoint web part toolbox updatesStay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC236329(Updated) Large gallery view and Together Mode for web meetings in Edge and Chrome browsersStay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC236350Microsoft Secure Score API update reflects recommendations in Microsoft 365 security centerStay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC236510Plan for Change: Intune end of support for Internet Explorer 11Plan For ChangePlan For ChangeN/A
MC236523Public preview simplified mobile app sign inPlan For ChangePlan For ChangeN/A
MC236676Reminder: Azure SSL/TLS certificate changesPrevent or Fix IssuesPrevent or Fix Issues02/08/2021
MC236693Ink and highlighter in Excel for the webStay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC237346Conversational AI coming to Outlook for iOS with CortanaStay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC237348Updates to Threat Explorer and Real-time detectionsStay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC237349Service reminder: Skype for Business Online retires in 6 monthsPlan For ChangePlan For Change07/31/2021
MC237350Retiring and updating columns in the advanced hunting EmailEvents and EmailAttachmentInfo tablesPlan For ChangePlan For ChangeN/A
MC237377(Updated) OneDrive/SharePoint Send link to Outlook sharing optionStay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC237384Microsoft Office app is now optimized for iPadStay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC237392(Updated) Get a Meet now meeting link in TeamsStay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC237394Secure by default is Retiring the Move message to Junk Email folder policy option for high confidence phishing emailsStay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC237446Universal Print is being added to your licenseStay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC237630(Updated) Reminder: Insights app in Microsoft Teams will be available starting February 2021Plan For ChangePlan For Change03/08/2021
MC237645(Updated) Blocking URLs and Files with Tenant Allow/Block ListStay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC237667What?s New in the Microsoft Intune Service Update for January 2021Stay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC237741Basic Authentication and Exchange Online ? February 2021 UpdatePlan For ChangePlan For ChangeN/A
MC237807(Updated) Introducing a registration page for Microsoft Teams meetingsStay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC237825Microsoft Information Protection adding support for double-byte character set languagesStay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC237900NEW DETAILS: Microsoft Edge Legacy support to end on March 9, 2021Plan For ChangePlan For Change03/09/2021
MC237968Text predictions in Outlook for AndroidStay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC237971Update VendorIds details for PnpDeviceConnected ActionType in the DeviceEvents tablePlan For ChangePlan For ChangeN/A
MC237975(Updated) Top Senders and recipient report to be retiredPlan For ChangePlan For Change03/06/2021
MC237979Reminder: As of February 1, 2021 use the new, more performant and reliable OneDrive Sync Client for syncingPlan For ChangePlan For ChangeN/A
MC237983Retirement of Relevance Module in Advanced eDiscoveryPlan For ChangePlan For Change03/10/2021
MC237990Announcing availability of AIP client and scanner audit logs in Microsoft 365 AuditStay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC237994Announcing availability of AIP client and scanner audit logs in Microsoft 365 Audit and Activity explorerStay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC238029In Development for Microsoft Intune is now availableStay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC238648Microsoft Teams: Share to Teams from OutlookPlan For ChangePlan For ChangeN/A
MC238655New Communication Compliance features coming to previewStay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC238689(Updated) External Collaboration using Yammer External NetworksPlan For ChangePlan For ChangeN/A
MC238780Adding taxonomy columns for modern SharePoint library viewsStay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC238782(Updated) Announcing a new service plan, Teams ProPlan For ChangePlan For ChangeN/A
MC238795Align the experience for creating a team from different Teams interfacesPlan For ChangePlan For Change03/15/2021
MC238796(Updated) 1:1 Call recording policy introductionPlan For ChangePlan For Change04/12/2021
MC238903Change coming to your Power Automate ServiceStay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC239090(Updated) Outlook - Reactions and new notification experienceStay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC239092New lists will have versioning enabled by defaultStay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC239095Performance Improvements in Excel for the WebStay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC239262(Updated) Enforcing mailbox receiving limitsPlan For ChangePlan For ChangeN/A
MC239263Outlook: iOS and Android Extension of suggested replies worldwideStay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC239264SharePoint to support lightbox for imagesStay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC239267Dictation in Word and Outlook just got betterStay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC239279Universal Print will be available in MarchStay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC239999Get-UrlTrace report to be retiredPlan For ChangePlan For ChangeN/A
MC240066(Updated) Introducing a SharePoint app bar that features global navigationStay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC240157Reminder: Microsoft Graph Connectors GA roll out to standard releaseStay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC240158Firstline worker and Firstline manager policy packages to be retiredPlan For ChangePlan For Change03/15/2021
MC240159Update to unifiedRoleAssignment API in Azure ADPlan For ChangePlan For ChangeN/A
MC240160Reminder: Disabling TLS 1.0 and TLS 1.1 in Microsoft 365Plan For ChangePlan For ChangeN/A
MC240161(Updated) Introducing a change in access behavior for public groups in Microsoft FormsPlan For ChangePlan For ChangeN/A
MC240162(Updated) Outlook on the web: update in how users access Mail, Calendar, People, and To DoStay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC240165Announcing new service plan for Microsoft 365 data classification analyticsPlan For ChangePlan For ChangeN/A
MC240167Allowing anonymous presenters in Teams Live EventsStay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC240169Teams meetings to support view-only attendeesStay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC240203OneDrive iOS Files App Integration Temporarily Entering Read Only modePrevent or Fix IssuesPrevent or Fix IssuesN/A
MC240302OneDrive Sync Client support for DWG file Version HistoryStay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC240303New file sharing experience in Microsoft TeamsPlan For ChangePlan For ChangeN/A
MC240393OneDrive admin center settings are coming to the SharePoint admin centerPlan For ChangePlan For ChangeN/A
MC240605Text Predictions in Word for WindowsStay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC240609Feature Update: Modern comments in Word (Windows)Plan For ChangePlan For ChangeN/A
MC240613Feature Update: Modern comments in Word (Mac)Plan For ChangePlan For ChangeN/A
MC241165Organization Email AddressesStay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC241167Announcing Mailbox Quota Threshold NotificationsStay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC241171Adding additional field to Reported Issues that associates reported issues to active incidents or advisories.Stay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC241349Add up to 25 task labels and colors in Planner and Tasks in TeamsStay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC241351MDE infrastructure change might require changes in firewall and Proxy settingPlan For ChangePlan For ChangeN/A
MC241352(Updated) Announcing OneDrive for Business location picker support for security groups and distribution listsStay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC241353Reminder: Microsoft 365 apps and services ending support on IE11 after August 17, 2021Plan For ChangePlan For ChangeN/A
MC241580Hunting for Impersonated domains and usersStay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC241581New Video only Meeting stage experiencePlan For ChangePlan For ChangeN/A
MC241582Intune Plan for Change: Export report and device list header updatesPlan For ChangePlan For ChangeN/A
MC241750Microsoft Forms - Increased form limitsStay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC241752First delete dialog alert for OneDrive filesStay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC241754(Updated) Microsoft Teams: manage template access using template policiesStay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC241756Licensing updates for Compliance Manager premium assessmentsStay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC241862Microsoft Teams: PowerShell support for team templatesStay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC241868Update for Core eDiscovery and Advanced eDiscovery legal holds, and Information Governance and Records Management rePlan For ChangePlan For ChangeN/A
MC241870OneDrive for Business announce 250GB upload capabilityStay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC242207(Updated) Retirement of support for external XSLT files in DataFormWebPart and its subclassesPlan For ChangePlan For Change03/15/2021
MC242310Update your configuration to support Extension Mechanisms for DNS (EDNS)Plan For ChangePlan For ChangeN/A
MC242323Records Management - adding the ability to delete unused record labelsStay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC242333Microsoft Forms: update in sharing with collaborators and recipientsStay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC242335Reminder: Skype for Business Online retires July 31, 2021Plan For ChangePlan For Change07/31/2021
MC242338(Updated) Microsoft Authenticator code matching for MFA notificationsStay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC242340Enabling page rotation for Android to view OneDrive PDF filesStay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC242342GoLocal support for Live EventsStay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC242486Retiring Delve mobile for iOS and AndroidPlan For ChangePlan For Change06/01/2021
MC242574Outlook Mobile - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)Stay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC242577New design for Yammer Discovery and Digest emailsStay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC242578Whiteboard administrative PowerShell cmdlet accessStay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC242581New bank accounts are no longer supported in US/France/Italy/Spain/Belgium/Portugal/LuxembourgStay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC242583(Updated) "All" List Update on Office.comStay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC242585Microsoft Edge WebView2 Runtime to be installed on devices running Microsoft 365 AppsPlan For ChangePlan For Change04/01/2021
MC242586Planner's New Roster ContainersStay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC242587(Updated) Increasing interactive meeting participants and chat from 300 to 1000Stay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC242588Advanced eDiscovery: UX changes to review sets for casesStay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC242820New insights available with Endpoint analytics in IntuneStay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC242824(Updated) Microsoft Teams: Dynamic ViewStay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC242825Teams: Transfer calls between devicesStay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC242827(Updated) OneDrive Android - Bookmarks feature for PDF viewingStay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC242834Updates to audit log search results user experience in Microsoft 365 compliance centerStay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC242838New service: Data-at-rest encryption for Microsoft 365Stay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC242840Important Information about Microsoft Power Automate DesktopPrevent or Fix IssuesPrevent or Fix IssuesN/A
MC243041Announcing Conglomerate branding for global adminsStay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC243047(Updated) Exchange Online - Tag for external email messages receivedStay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC243202(Updated) Planned Maintenance: Skype for Business capacity upgradeStay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC243203(Updated) Planned Maintenance: Skype for Business capacity upgradeStay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC243204(Updated) We are listening - Microsoft 365 Customer Experience Quarterly CPE Pulse Update AvailableStay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC243205Updated: Billing notifications in Microsoft 365 admin centerStay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC243206Microsoft Defender for Endpoint Service Health and Message center CommunicationsStay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC243209New personal wellbeing insights coming to Insights app in TeamsStay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC243212Announcing enhanced audit and upload notifications for Exact Data Match (EDM)Stay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC243213Update: AIP client and scanner audit logs in Microsoft 365 Audit and Activity explorerStay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC243214Update: AIP client and scanner audit logs in Microsoft 365 Audit and Activity explorerStay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC243733(Updated) Microsoft Teams: Policy packages assignment to groupsStay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC243845*Retirement Milestone* Microsoft Edge Legacy support ending todayPlan For ChangePlan For ChangeN/A
MC243888Updates available for Microsoft 365 Apps for all channelsStay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC243943New Azure AD built-in roles to reduce Global administrator dependencyStay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC243944Immersive Reader is coming to SharePoint pages and news postsStay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC243945SharePoint Events web part will display event imagesStay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC244043Awareness of Exchange Server Vulnerability for On-Premises serversStay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC244044New browser usage reports available to support your organization?s migration to Microsoft EdgeStay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC244059Microsoft Teams: Mobile optimized network data usageStay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC244060Improved Person columns in Microsoft ListsStay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC244062Announcing general availability of guest support in Yammer (native mode)Stay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC244161Deployment schedule available for 2021 Release Wave 1Plan For ChangePlan For ChangeN/A
MC244216Announcing general availability of sensitivity label configuration update to define external sharing settingsStay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC244217Announcing general availability of sensitivity label configuration update to define external sharing settingsStay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC244295New eCDN Ramp available for Microsoft TeamsStay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC244301Deployment schedule available for Microsoft Power Platform 2021 Release Wave 1Stay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC244303Microsoft To Do app updates will be available on iOS13 and above or MacOS10.14 and abovePlan For ChangePlan For ChangeN/A
MC244304Microsoft Teams: AI-assisted poll creation for Teams meeting presentersStay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC244305Threat protection status report URL updatesPlan For ChangePlan For Change04/12/2021
MC244306SharePoint Page AnalyticsStay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC244317Changes coming to the default new Yammer settingPlan For ChangePlan For ChangeN/A
MC244318Microsoft Information Governance - Update to retention policies for SharePoint site collectionsStay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC244487Announcing availability of DLP data sets in Microsoft 365 Activity explorerPlan For ChangePlan For ChangeN/A
MC244599De-identify personally identifiable information in Teams admin usage reportsStay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC244600SharePoint: Simplified editing of user interface elements in multilingual communication sitesStay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC244604Changes to Microsoft To Do Support ExperiencePlan For ChangePlan For ChangeN/A
MC244607Microsoft Teams: Custom policy packagesStay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC244608(Updated) Migrate content from Box to Microsoft 365Stay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC244610Advanced eDiscovery Search is now Collections with improved work flowPlan For ChangePlan For ChangeN/A
MC244687SharePoint classic site usage reports to be moved to a new linkPlan For ChangePlan For ChangeN/A
MC244732Request/Release workflow for quarantined messagesStay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC244733Customization of quarantine notificationStay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC244739Service Health email notifications for specific incidents and advisoriesStay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC244740Announcing Teams PowerShell Module 2.0Stay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC244741Customizable website tabs in Teams TemplatesStay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC244742License check for Advanced eDiscoveryPlan For ChangePlan For ChangeN/A
MC244743Viva Connections for Microsoft Teams desktop clientsStay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC244744Release of new Yammer Desktop experience and Retirement of existing Yammer Desktop AppPlan For ChangePlan For ChangeN/A
MC244745Prevent attendees from sharing video feed in Microsoft Teams MeetingsStay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC244748Updates to Microsoft Defender for Office events in Office 365 Management APIStay InformedStay InformedN/A
MC244749New for Communication Compliance: policy health check and ability to pause policyStay InformedStay InformedN/A

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